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hannia sobrevilla


My name is Hannia Sobrevilla and I was born in Mexico City. I spent most of my childhood years in a handful of major Mexican towns until moving to the United States at the age  thirteen. I attended College in Philadelphia graduating with a BA in Fashion Design. I have always been inspired by great design, style and aesthetics. Throughout my twenties, during my visits to Mexico, I recognized a feeling of overwhelming admiration and pride for Mexican handmade wonders. It wasn’t until a recent trip to the Mexican city of Oaxaca that I became enamored. I am infatuated by the people and fascinated by the rich cultural diversity within the state fostering their own customs, cultures and techniques. I quickly realized I needed to take a closer look at my own heritage starting with the culturally rich city of Oaxaca de Juarez. Although Oaxaca is mainly known for its textiles and clay work, the practices and themes vary greatly from town to town making Oaxaca one of the most unique and abundantly diverse states in Mexico. While one town can master the art of needle point on garments, another masters the making of large scale floor-loomed wool rugs and tapestries while the next is known for their green clay vases and planters. Today where nearly everything is mass produced, hurried through the conveyor belts of machines, seeing the person behind the process to create each product is beautiful and powerful to witness. These towns in Mexico still create everything by hand and have done so for generations.

Alma y Manos is a personal project to preserve and promote these arts that are loaded with history overflowing from the soul. I am learning as I go and loving every second of it. I am excited for what is to come, who I meet, what I learn, and the continuous beauty I know awaits my next visit.  
Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more posts  !